A wry, coming of age comedy about a twenty-something musician, Art, who gets dumped by his girlfriend, moves back with his parents, hits a quarter-life crisis and enlists self-help guru Dr. Levi Ellington to move in as his full-time personal life coach.


Ghost Team is a heartfelt comedy/horror/adventure about the things people believe in to get them through the day. Whether it’s ghosts, aliens, messages from the beyond, or spirits all too near, one thing is universal: We’re all hunting for something.


Life Is Just A Game

Michael Pearce stars as Tommy Delniros, a former-NYPD officer who refuses to recognize the difference between his fantasy world of gritty, lawless 1970s New York and the present-day reality. A TV pilot shot on location in London and New York in 2009.

New World

A dark satire set in the near future against a backdrop of ecological crisis. A leading environmentalist enters the bizarre sphere of the world’s most powerful men, and discovers their true intentions. New World was shot in Wilton House, the iconic location used in films including Barry Lyndon & The Madness of King George.

Ghost Getters

Seven episode mini series that accompanied the feature film ‘Ghost Team’. Starring Jason Hawes & Steve Gonsalves, stars of the TV show Ghost Hunters.

Life Ain’t Funny

Music Video for Max Burgundy from his debut EP ‘Waiting’


Music Video for the band Flemming.

all the right ones screenshot

All The Right Ones
(extended version)

Music Video for Taylor Greenwood from her debut album ‘All Around Me’.

Life Is Just A Game

Feature shot off campus while at film school. Starring Michael Pearce and Johnny White.

Nuclear Zombie Overload the Musical

Winner of the ‘Its All Electric Film Festival’, a musical remake of a childhood project, starring Michael Pearce, Johnny White and Joe Hastings.

Joe’s Nightmares

A collection of short films made between 1994 – 1999. Starring Joe hastings and Johnny White.

Nuclear Zombie Overload

A remake of the original. Starring Joe Hastings, Sue Green and Tom Windle.

Nuclear Zombie Overload (Original)

The title says it all. Starring Jon Mirfin, Anna Tomlinson, and Sam Jubb.

Demonic Nightmares

First ever attempt at a feature film. Started as ten year olds on 8mm.