Pimples – the scourge of adolescents everywhere – are actually portals through which creatures from another dimension derive voyeuristic pleasure. WHATZIT is the story of a refugee from this dystopian world whose fate becomes intertwined with an unlikely ally: a horny and morose teenage boy languishing in early eighties America. A perverse inter-dimensional epic of pimples, porn and the universal struggle for freedom – you’ll never look in the mirror quite the same way.

WATZIT is written by Oliver Irving and Eisner award winning artist Gideon Kendall and is published by Heavy Metal.


Another Green World is a dark satire in which a cabal of billionaires flee the apocalypse to a luxury bunker – taking along doctors, engineers, farmers and military personnel in return for their vital skills. The transformation of two unlikely heroes – from stay-at-home mom into revolutionary dissident, and from military stoogeto unwitting messiah – threatens to destroy this strange, underground world. ‘Election’ meets ‘Dr Strangelove’ by way of ‘The Walking Dead’. Fans of dark comedy and apocalyptic sci-fi will find common ground in this true-to-life parable for our times – daring us to laugh at that which scares us the most.


The Empathy Machine is the story of a brilliant but socially-challenged scientist, months away from debuting a history-making invention: a means to communicate with his severely autistic son. But they are not the only people spending their summer at the upstate New York Research Facility. Following various perspectives, The Empathy Machine tells interconnecting stories of love, loss and obsession, as six people try desperately to connect.